Team with a structured work method that optimises their resources in order to achieve the commitments undertaken.

Our processes are flexible and we promote learning together with customers, working out in the benefit of future projects. All this, thanks to the dedication of the persons who make up MYCESA and to our following scheme of work.


We analyse our resources in order to take responsible decisions in all the processes involved in the execution of projects with customers.


We efficiently assign the technical and staff resources to fulfil the acquired commitment (including outsourcing management).


We direct the critical stages and the communication of the team responsible for executing the work plan.


We facilitate achieving objectives through interaction with the different processes/persons participating in the project. We thrive on the two-way relationship with the customer.


We supervise the extent of execution of tasks assigned and adjust to the work plan and to the commitments acquired in communication with the customer.

inet management system

Quality Assurance

Aenor and IQNET certify that in Mycesa we have a quality management system complying with ISO 9001:2015 for the activities of the production of metal parts by milling, boring and lathe. Besides, for the assembly of parts and groups.